If I Should Die Before I Wake- Part Three

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Short Stories


Randy came home that night and he told me about his experience in the neighbour’s backyard.  He spoke of their eyes being completely black.

“It was the weirdest thing- I’ve never seen anything like it.  The way they just stood there and stared…”  

He sat there for a minute with a blank look on his face- deep in thought and eyes fixed.  I wasn’t sure but I thought he was talking about black eyed children which gave me the shivers!

For a moment, I entertained the thought that we had moved to another dimension or reality…

Randy snapped out of his reverie, arched his eyebrows and, as he grabbed the TV remote and turned  it on, started talking sports again.  I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

Days went by without any more activity.  We didn’t know what to think about the whole ordeal.  It seemed so impalpable, surreal even- it seemed like it was really bad dream and to me nothing about it made sense.  I had the unnerving feeling that things weren’t exactly finished.  I was right…


My room was finally all unpacked and was ranged with everything in its proper place.  My parents were out running errands and I was about to lie on my now installed bed with headphones.  I was putting them on when I heard a noise coming from the hallway.  Not thinking anything of it I just assumed it was Randy just being Randy.  Considering what’s been going on since we’ve moved in- I was very unnerved and overtimorous.  I waited and kept staring in the direction of the door- nothing.

I started to doze off with my headphones on.  The rhythmic beat and the singing scop using a mimesis mixed with original lyrics was all that was needed to put me to sleep.  Not because of the music but because I was tired.  The music was my lullaby.

Just as I was dozing off, the music was interrupted by an obscure raspy voice.  I was jolted back to full consciousness .  My eyes opened up wide.  The words had a gravelly tone- almost foreboding, shocking!     

“You…are…going…to…die!” it said in a fatidic whisper.  

I instinctively ripped off my headphones and threw them on the bed as I jumped off.  I looked  around the room and saw nothing nor heard anything else.  It was dead quiet!  I fixed my attention on the where the headphones lay.  Once again the music was playing through the ear speakers.  

Holy shit- what the hell was that!?  –I thought.

Thinking that I was loosing my mind, I pinched myself- considering recent events I wasn’t exactly sure.  I stood silent for several minutes, afraid to move.  A deep vociferous growl produced itself out of nowhere. 

That did it!  I slowly moved towards my closet to get the camera out.  I looked for it on the top shelf- where I had placed it when I unpacked.  It wasn’t there.  I keep a neat and tidy room and everything has its place however this day, the camera was missing.  

scavenged the closet high and low- nothing.  The camera was nowhere to be seen.  I heard the closet door creaking- then slam shut.  I used my foot to try to kick it but it was as if someone or something was preventing it from opening!  I heard the lock engaging.  

“Real funny Randy!” I shouted.  “Now let me out you big doofus!”

I waited for a few seconds but there was nothing but quietness.  

“C’mon!  This isn’t funny…”  

One of the light bulbs suddenly shattered sending glass all over the place.  Startled, I semi ducked and protected my head with my arms.  I turned around to see what I could use to jimmy the door open.  Grabbing a wire hangar, I untwisted the neck and formed a straight hook.  I was about to slide it through the small gap between the door and doorframe when I heard shuffling behind me.  I stopped what I was doing and listened.  I heard the shuffling again coming from the back left side of the closet.  I couldn’t see clearly with one of the two light bulbs blown out.  The shuffling was coming from a pile of dirty clothes that I hadn’t gotten around to launder.  I slowly and cautiously approached the mound of clothes.  It stirred again and this time it let out a growl.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  

Fearful of what was underneath, I reached over the pile and at the count of three I pulled the top off.  Like rabidly wild animals the three stuffed toy rabbits sprang at me, biting me with their scissor teeth as their mouths gnawed on my face and arms.  Crying out for help and  from the delirium caused by the pain- I shouted for Randy but he didn’t come.  The caribe like rabbits made of me a shredded piece of meat.  They attacked me with insane voracity, biting and chewing on me, tearing and eating the flesh off my face, my arms.  I felt every disseveration of my flesh.   I kicked fiercly and I tried desperately to fight them off but it all seemed so futile because of the viciousness and speed at which they came at me.  Finally I passed out from the sheer pain.  I laid there lacerated, mutilated, and mangled.  My flesh was ripped off, torn off my body- it littered the floor among the pool of blood.  I had been skinned alive- and I was bleeding badly.

I woke up about fifteen minutes later although it seemed to me like it had been a few hours.  The closet door was opened halfway and the rabbits were nowhere to be seen.  

What the hell?!   Was I dreaming?  Did I fall and hit my head?  

I looked down and inspected myself- there was nothing wrong with me.  No blood, no peeled skin, not even a tear or scratch.  I got up and walked out of the closet to find everything as I left it.  The headphones were on the bed right where I plucked them off when I…

I realized then that I didn’t dream it or hit my head.  My face went pale as all the blood drained from it.  It suddenly dawned on me that what we were dealing with was no ordinary ghost- when your best friend is a Witch you tend to pick up the parlance and get to know what is what.  That’s how I knew the entity we were facing was a demon!  Demons had the ability to make a person see and hear things- even feel things out of anger, spite, and loathing of the human race.  I knew then that we were in for a battle- that or we just move.  But if we move, the demon could possibly come with us.  I knew I had to get in touch with my friend, Semina the Witch.  I had to get her out here to help with ridding the house of the demon.  She had some experience with these things so I decided to call her from my iPhone.  As soon as I dialed her number- the phone line clicked and then there was dead air.  Nothing!  I didn’t even get a signal- I decided to use the house phone.  

I started to descend the staircase and was about to ask Randy if he’d heard me yelling for help when I noticed my brother had the front door opened and was talking to someone.  I reached the landing, which was right by the front door, and circumvented my brother to see who he was talking to.

“Please can we come in?  We’re cold.” they asked in a monotone voice.  

They were a boy and a girl with pitch black eyes- their faces were as pale as ghosts.  I had heard of these black eyed kids and I thought they were just an urban myth.  Suddenly I realized the severity of things.   


My brother turned to me with a bewildered look on his face.

Again the boy, who was no more than six, asked with a haunting voice- “Can we come in to warm up?  Please, won’t you let us in?”

Randy turned back to look at me and whispered- “these are the kids I saw the other night at the neighbours’ house…”

Grabbing him by the shoulder, I whispered-  “Randy…listen to me, whatever you do don’t let them in!” I urged him.  “These are not your typical ordinary kids!”

“Why?  What do you mean ‘not typical’?” he questioned in susurration.

“Look at their eyes!” I whispered in a frenzied tone.

“Please let us in, we’re lost and we’re cold…” the boy persisted. 

We both turned to look at the boy.  He had moved up to the very edge of the threshold.  His six year old toes were touching the edge.  

“We’re cold and lost, could you please let us in and help us.” the boy went on to say.

At that moment my parents car pulled into the driveway- Randy and I looked at the car then at each other.  

We both thought the same thing at the same time – shit!

We were trying to get my parents’ attention but it was futile.  It was like they didn’t even see us.  The black eyed kids just stood there and stared at us.  It was definitely creepy!  

Our parents were now coming up the sidewalk and were making their way to the front door.  Too late!  They had seen the kids.

“Well what do we have here?” asked dad.

“Can we come in to warm up?  We’re cold and lost.  Can we come in to warm up…” the boy asked again still in a monotone voice.  It was like listening to a broken record.

Mom looked at us with a disapproving glare as she said, “Boys don’t be so rude!  Can’t you see they’re just little children?!” 

Then she turned to the black eyed kids and visually inspected them.  She was about to ask the kids a question then she stopped as she noticed their eyes.  Dad moved to mom’s side- he also had noticed their eyes.  I was about to tell my parents to shut the door and to get as far away from the door as possible- but it was too late.  Mom had invited them in.  My face went pale.

My brother and I moved back.  The boy looked at us and gave us a foreboding smirk.  The girl followed him in and was giving us an evil glare.  They stopped several feet inside and simply stood- not moving or saying anything.  My parents were right behind them and once dad closed the door that’s when they started to look around.  I got the uneasy sense that they were looking around for others.  

“Are you two lost?  Where are your parents?” mom asked.  

They remained eerily quiet.  Mom looked at dad as if asking him what he made of this abnormal situation. 

Then mom asked- “you’re both too young to be out this late and alone…” She noticed that they were dressed for hot weather when it had been unusually cold the past few days.  She handed them the blanket from the chesterfield however neither one of them made a move.  After a few seconds or so mom took her arm back.  We all stood in silence not knowing what to do.

“Is there someone we can call for you?” dad finally asked.

“Randy,” my mom started- “why don’t you get them a glass of milk?”.  It was more of an excuse to get them out of ear shot than anything else.  The look of objection on Randy’s face spoke for itself- he was fearful.  He protested heavily but did as he was asked.  The kids, still with a blank stare and walking like automatons, followed him into the kitchen.  As soon as they were out of the room mom turned to dad and asked- “did you see their eyes?  They were pitch black, the entire eye!”  She then sat down to make sense out of the happenings.

“They’re definitely not much for conversation.” dad added.  “There’s something strange about those two.”

“Well ya!” I finally spoke up- “they’re what’s known in the paranormal community as ‘black eyed children’. Nobody knows where they come from or what it is they want or need.  But there’s one thing that’s consistent with them- it’s what they say.  They always claim to be cold, or hungry, or lost.  Anything to gain sympathy and to be invited in and…”

My parents waited for me to complete my sentence.  I was regretting having said anything for fear of what might happen.

“And what?” my dad asked.

“Well…” I reluctantly continued “when they are somebody dies…”

Dad was keeping an open mind but I could tell mom was somewhat incredulous.   

“That’s preposterous…” she said.  “Now you sound like your Witch friend Sabrina with her mumble jumble voodoo jibber babble.”

“It’s Semina mom and what I just said is well documented.  It’s not my fault if people choose to put blinders on whenever something unusual happens”.

I could tell, just by her demeanour, that she was crossed with me.  But then again I expected for her to be reluctant, even disinclined to believe since she was a Leo and Leo’s liked to be in control of things and the world around them.  Dad figured he’d better intervene.  

“Ok son, say what you said is true, what are we supposed to do about it?” he asked.  Mom gave him a sideways look that stated she disapproved of his giving me credence.  

“Well I’m not exactly sure what…”

All of a sudden we heard dishes smashing and and a large thump like something hitting the floor.  All at once we ran to the kitchen to find Randy convulsing on the floor and the two black eyed kids were nowhere to be seen.  We hadn’t heard the back door open or close and the lock was still secured.  They simply….disappeared!

My parents were kneeling beside Randy, trying to revive him with no luck.  For someone with a healthy complexion, he was pale, almost white in colour.  Mom stayed beside him while dad was on the phone with 911.


Dad rode to the hospital in the back of the ambulance with Randy while Mom went by car.  I had been given the charge of staying at home and guarding it.  I didn’t want to be there by myself- in fact I hated it  however I couldn’t get out of it.  Besides, my parents wanted me to find those two kids.  I knew they were gone- I could feel it. But I took a look around anyway just to be sure.  

After a half hour of looking and making a sweep of the house, I came up empty handed.  But I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched.

I looked at the phone and knew exactly what I was going to do.

End Of Part Three

By Ari Ben-Ami


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